Huebner medical
Health and welfare are among the most important life values and they are in the centre of your daily activities. With competence and targeted therapies, you are helping people to be cured ,  stay healthy,  recover and feel better.

We make an effort to ease you in the best possible manner and be your competent contact partner. For many years we have been servicing hospitals, health and rehabilitation centers, prevention, rehabilitation, physiotherapy facilities to serve people with disabilities, SPA centers with medical applications (Medical-Spa) and health care (Health-Care).

This experience we can offer you:
selected products, established and mature, in terms of technique, safety and hygiene, especially comfortable and with  guaranteed the best possible therapeutic success.

In line with the trend and diversity in design ...
Especially in adulthood, during the recovery process after disasters, illness or overcoming serious life crisis , man enjoys the attention and the atmosphere.
We are trying to achieve this mood by wearing colored components, individual selection of materials, trim and much more.

We’ll be next to you from the start to the final:
Entering into operation,  after sales servicing (training , sanitation, maintenance, servicing).

Invite us to be your partner - we will be happy with you so we can design and equip your treatment rooms in an optimal manner.