Relaxation, recreation, leisure
Finally  calmness,  relaxation  and  recreation   …
Recreation room or the Silence Room  with special elements for regeneration of body, mind and soul invites you to visit and stay longer.

Space for recreation - one might say that this is BASIC (original equipment), but in this respect we can offer you opportunities that you ensure that your home is unforgettable.

Oasis of calmness and relaxation premises as well as  meditation facilities custom designed with water beds, floating bed, beds for relaxation, wellness and beds for traditional meditation,  mats and seat cushions .

Crackle of  the fireplace or open fire carries your guests in a world of peace and relaxation.
Create a place of relaxation for your guests assisted by:
  • Waterbeds
  • Relaxation beds
  • Wellness bed
  • Oasis of calmness
  • Relaxation premices
  • Open fireplaces