For providing you a better idea, let us divide our products according to functional areas:  multisensory therapy, body massage, spa trilogy and procedures, Kneipp, appliances and massage couches.

Multisensory therapies:

With our top products  EMOTION SPA TOP and EMOTION SPA BASIC we offer flexible Multitalant in one room, which normally you would need several therapeutic premises.
One of the many advantages of Emotion-SPA is its application to many different types of procedures and allows for a flexible use of the spa combinations with high standards for demanding customers.
For example: Brush massage on dry or wet body,  wraps the whole body with micro steam, peel, colored light and color therapy, infrared heat, steam bath, aroma bath, massage oil and much more. There are no limits to creativity.

Whole body procedures:

Waterbed is an established and favourite basic component and is primarily used in spa and beauty procedures in the therapeutic area. Perfect as an individual therapy and in combination with other subsequent procedures such as massage, physiotherapy procedures for therapeutic purposes, a procedure to tighten and detoxify in the detoxification program, or simply for relaxation and pleasure.
Special advantages: Due to the large structure, it is suitable without limitation for larger  people,  who have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the procedures  without limits.
The guest feels as weightless, well placed, surrounded by warmth and deep relaxation.
Variety  in the implementation  of your spa menus, such as the use of tools such as peel, salt, seaweed, creams, compresses ...

Optional with optional equipment types (colored light, massage device, and so on. )
Our recommendation:

SPA-Trilogy & Kneipp procedures
  • body wrapping on a waterbed
  • hydrotherapy treatments with marsh mud, Fango, etc in Hydroxeur
  • baths for hands and legs in Kneipp, alternating hot and cold water
  • massages and body treatments
  • heat carriers - preparation of the environment
SPA Trilogy and Kneipp procedures:

Water is synonymous  of  life. In almost all traditional methods, natural healing methods,   therapy is conducted with water  that heals as the body so  spirit and soul. At present this tradition finds its continuation in modern proposals  SPA, Beauty, Medical-SPA и Wellness. The results are at least as good as the professional methods. Our efforts are directed towards the goal to provide flexible opportunities for the most confined spaces in which individuality takes an important part.
Combined offers in the form of a triple package (trilogy) are available for all areas under the premise that there will be an intelligent mix of hardware and software. For example:  Hydroxeur, or waterbed or  EMOTION SPA and therapeutic massage bed. As a final touch, we will help you in preparing the program.

In acute and chronic pain clinical competence is required and procedures to hydrotherapy, swamp mud, sea mud (Fango), peloids (mud) are complemented by procedures such as  Kneipp, walking or wading in water infusions in Kneipp, medical dietetic courses , as  well as  many others.

Functional beds:

Massage beds have tested and approved designs for professional use: according to size, the ability to regulate the placement of electric, various options for positioning (head of a specific body part), load weight, the opportunity to serve on all sides, upholstery materials (for comfort) and the supporting apparatus and much more.
Areas of application: sports and therapeutic massage, wellness massage, alternative medicine, acupuncture. . .

Multifunctional beds are designed specifically for various applications in which the first is flexibility, quality and comfort (for guests / patients, and therapists). Whether beauty (face, body, manicure, pedicure, depilation, beauty peels. . . ) or massage (lymphatic drainage, compression,. . . ) – these beds provide assurances that will not lead to any shortage of treatment facilities.  For this reason they can achieve the highest possible load on your capacity and high turnover in the narrow space.
Models are individually tailored to the interior design (material, color, equipment) and can be equipped with intelligent heating systems.