Intelligent baths provided with competence
Who is not familiar to this:  return home after a busy day, fill the bathtub to relax. Therefore we offer you and your guests exclusive baths with a unique enchantment.
Thanks to  Hydroxeur , you have a broad range of application possibilities. Automatic underwater massage  on different  body areas can be custom  programmed and thus is consistent with the needs of your guests.

Whether in the area of beauty and  the SPA, the positive effects of the peel, firming effect, treatment, recovery or as a healthy bath with therapeutic effects (detoxification, stimulate metabolism. . . ) – This bath is effective for any indication of competence.

One particularly distinctive point (Highlight) the  Pearl bathtub with bubbles and champagne effect, with optimized colour loaded with mood lighting effects.
Bathtubes Highlights moments stand out our spectacular baths.  For example, bath or beauty treatment bath with a real spectacle of coloring lights effects, music and massage with acoustic waves to recover - rest - good mood - for depression - sadness - no mood. . . .

During this time your guests have the opportunity to meditate and relax . These  bath tubes types are very suitable for aromatherapy, and procedures with herbs, flower petals, oils and active substances. Our recommendation: Jung oil dispersion bath , see accessories).
For our customers with style and offer high current trend as a designer baths most precious materials, such as noble wood, glass, stone, copper, bronze and acrylic.
They offer modern and appropriate fittings - uncompromisingly beautiful. Connoisseurs of rustic style will find tanks of wood, for indoor and outdoor spaces , produced in the old  Bekhterev tradition.
Our recommendation:


  • Underwater massage / hydrotherapy
  • thalasso-baths
  • Pearl bath with champagne effect
  • "To bathe in the healing power of water" and therapeutic benefit
  • exclusive procedures for beautification and health bath
  • chromotherapy baths with colored lights
  • different models for 1 or 2 persons
  • Produced in compliance with  ÖNORM M6222-1