Quality hardware in combination with professional SPA options; trained and motivated staff - this is the basis for a successful SPA enterprise. You will get the professional advice on the selection of the optimum equipment, that  have the knowledge to submit you a custom offer . We guarantee the perfect combination and selection of equipment with flexible application and the highest possible turnover return at full capacity of therapeutic premises.

Along with well established, reliable quality and expert professional performance, we provide comprehensive service in terms of training, sanitation education, training for your employees, we will support you during the update of your SPA-menus and technical support for service and maintenance.

We’ll be pleased to meet your requests on functionality and design:
  • SPA- and BEAUTY- Beauty treatment premises  with charm and multifunctionality
  • Medical-SPA-equipment in compliance with the highest therapeutic standards without compromising safety and hygiene.
  • Exclusive bathing facilities with therapeutic effects, baths for health, beauty and emotions
  • Daily-SPAs individual- state of art -  international
  • Exclusive suits for private SPA or private SPA- premises

Explore the following pages some of our products and request our support you in your enterprise.

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