Ayurveda, Meditation, Shiatsu, Yoga
Procedures based on the traditional European or Far Eastern homeopathy are an absolute trend and for many of the guests   and are a motive for selecting a specific company.

Especially in the field of homeopathy with the procedures and selection of equipment and facilities focusing on life - that is, natural systems and resources to be used only way in terms of their essential characteristics they will preserve the effect for a longer period.

It is our desire - these requirements to be considered in the design and furnishing of the premises. We can not do without special hardware for solid quality therapeutic area, numerous accessories and decoration authentic (  high-natural materials are used, that are crafted by master ...).
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We offer numerous accessories / accessories for almost all application domains such as Shirodhara, Shiatsu, acoustic containers, cushions for meditation and special yoga bags, decorations and much more.
We will deliver what you need:
  • Ayurveda beds
  • Shirodhara Stands
  • Shiatsu mats
  • acoustic containers
  • meditation cushions