With the establishment of new corporate headquarters „Spacecraft” building; in Schwaz / Tirol we have completed our dream and created a communications platform through which our broad ranged offer of products and services is available to all. This is carried out coordination and optimal combination of synergies between customers, suppliers and associates.

More than 2 decades we have developed through professional competence, high standard of quality  and a good reputation in all business areas. However, our network is so unique that allows achieving of these highest scores.

It  wouldn’t be possible without the perfect mix of collaborators, suppliers, partners our customers'  requests  and expectations to be met every day. This is our main reason for putting so many efforts in planning and consultation,  that as a preliminary phase lay the foundations for the successful implementation of the project.   This guarantees top performance of higher level to our customers  in the future.

Ethical values - reliability - flexibility - a serious attitude are a major component of the guiding lines of our company and they are followed  by our  team. We express our gratitude to our clients and our long term partners. They are the guarantee of our successful development!

Gudrun Huebner- Kalchgruber  & Roland Hübner
Managers & Owner